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Spotted on Men’s Club (Sept ISSUE) during 1st day of Pitti Uomo 90. 


Spotted on Men’s Club during 1st day of Pitti Uomo 90. 

Schermata 2016-06-16 alle 23.52.10Spotted on British GQ during 1st day of Pitti Uomo 90.

Pitti 89 - GQ BRITISH
 Spotted on British GQ during 1st day of Pitti Uomo 89.

2ndSpotted on 2nd Japan during 2nd day of Pitti Uomo 88.

Glober Japan

Spotted on Glober Japan during 1st day of Pitti Uomo 88.

Schermata 2015-07-11 alle 12.17.19

Spotted on The New York Times Fashion.

PH: Lee Oliveira.

.Vogue Ucraina - Pitti Uomo 88 : 1.

Spotted on Vogue Ukraine during 1st day of Pitti Uomo 88.

Vogue Ucraina - Pitti Uomo 88 : 2.Spotted on Vogue Ukraine during 3rd day of Pitti Uomo 88.

Vogue Portugal - Pitti Uomo 88

Spotted on Vogue Portugal during 3rd day of Pitti Uomo 88.

Credit: Des Gen en Photos.

Gq South Africa. - Pitti Uomo 88

Spotted on GQ South Africa during 2nd day of Pitti Uomo 88. 

Gq South Africa - Pitti Uomo 88

Spotted on GQ South Africa during 3rd day of Pitti Uomo 88. 


Spotted on D’MARGE during Pitti Uomo 88 with Bartok Bro.

REPUBBLICA TV - Pitti uomo 88.

Spotted on la Repubblica TV during Pitti Uomo 88.


Talking about Me during Pitti Uomo 87 on MEN’S CLUB Japan April 2015 issue.


Talking about Me during Pitti Uomo 87 on MEN’S CLUB Japan April 2015 issue.


My Style on Men’s Healt Italy

Thanks to: Luca Boiocchi

Schermata 2015-01-30 alle 17.37.52

My Street-Syle in Florence, during Pitti Uomo 87 spotted by FashionBeans.

Credits: Yu Yang.

Schermata 2015-01-14 alle 20.49.38

Talk about me and my backpack in collaboration with Kjøre Project on GQ Mexico during PITTI UOMO 87. 

Schermata 2015-01-16 alle 11.06.03

Talk about me and my backpack in collaboration with Kjøre Project on GQ South Africa during PITTI UOMO 87. 

VIPTalk about Me on VIP Magazine.


Talk about Me on Men’s Club Japan during the Pitti Uomo 86.

Schermata 2014-07-18 alle 17.55.30

 Talk about Me on Vogue Italia during the Pitti Uomo 86.

Credits: Selene Oliva.


Talk about Me on GqRussia during the Pitti Uomo 86.

Credits:, / Vincenzo Grillo. 


imageimage-1Talk about Me on during the Pitti Uomo 87.

Credits: Nina Frazier Hansen.

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