Montesaro, Napoli.

 Hello everyone, today I want introduce Montesaro, historic shirtmaker site in Sarno (Salerno).
In January I met Alfonso Orza,  brand owner, which pleasantly introduced me to his reality: all set off by her mother who in 1986 founded a small factory that produced a totally handmade shirt.

To date, said Alfonso, the methods have not changed, they produce meticulously handmade shirt (how it is possible to note in the picture), using the best Italian fabric. It all worked Sarno, a small town 40km far from Naples where there is an air of history and crafts and it is from here that Alfonso and his brother Pietro (based in New York who run the Montesaro shop)  did RE-start the brand, winning the Eastern and American Market , producing a TRUE Neapolitan shirt but differing from other realities.

During my visit, I commissioned a shirt to Alfonso (Manager while craftsman) asking him to include in it all Montesaro characteristics.
The shirt has been cut by hand (no patterns), using Canclini fabric, based on measurements taken on my body. It has an unusual “mappina” sleeve, the neck is to “free sail”, or intelato and the seam of the sleeve is offset with respect to that of the front since the sleeve is sewn to the “closed left”, and then hand stitched. The back also presents the shirring.
The fit of the shirt is perfect for my taste, I would have only decreased of 1cm the amplitude of the sleeve.
One detail that I’d like to highlight is the shoulder, very wide and curled like that of a jacket, in the Neapolitan fee.

Here are some photos in detail:

Asola cucita a mano /Hand Made buttonhole.

Ribatittura a mano del collo /Hand Stitched collar.

Via Sarno Striano 16, Sarno (Salerno), 840847, Italy.
081 012 6054

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