Canclini meets Vanacore.

I received an ultra-soft fabric with excellent handfeel from Canclini. This made in Italy Cloth is artisan’s dream to play with.

Today I would like to introduce to you the first piece of our collaboration with Canclini.
Canclini is a world-renowned brand name that dates back since 1925. Situated in the beautiful lake Como, Canclini has been producing the finest shirting fabrics loved for artisans around the world especially Neapolitan Shirtmakers.

In Episode 1 – Canclini will collaborate with Vanacore, the shirt maker based in Portici. Vanacore has been producing shirts for many many years and is one of good old friend.
The commissioned shirt has 9 handmade steps and was created using a very soft fabric with a very soft hand that gives a light unmatched finish making it ideal for hot seasons: the SQUIRE a rigorous poplin built with 62 wires 90 / 2 and 30 bars 60/1.
The workmanship is purely by hand as dictated by the Neapolitan tradition, starting from the cut, the neck creation (done by myself), the final ironing – as you can see in the photos the sleeve does not have the typical “mappina”.

I’m pretty happy with the fit but I think the shirt is a “pinch” abundant on the center of the bust and in the first part of the sleeves.
Below are some photos that highlight different points of the shirt, Nicola.



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