Canclini meets Vanacore.

Get a soft fabric, made in Italy and of high quality and make it meet with the witty hands of an artisan – the result is taken advantage of.

Today I want to introduce you the first piece of a new project that sees as the protagonist Canclini, a brand-name historian based in Como that since 1925 has been producing the finest fabrics for shirts, and some selected  Neapolitan shirtmakers.
For the “first episode” Canclini will meet Vanacore, a shirtMaker based in , which has been producing shirts for many years, meticulously handmade.

The commissioned shirt has 9 handmade steps and was created using a very soft fabric with a very soft hand that gives a light unmatched finish  making it ideal for hot seasons: the SQUIRE a rigorous poplin built with 62 wires 90 / 2 and 30 bars 60/1.
The workmanship is purely by hand as dictated by the Neapolitan tradition, starting from the cut, the neck creation (done by myself), the final ironing – as you can see in the photos the sleeve does not have the typical “mappina”.

I’m pretty happy with the fit but I think the shirt is a “pinch” abundant on the center of the bust and in the first part of the sleeves.
Below are some photos that highlight different points of the shirt, Nicola.



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