Sartoria Caracciolo bespoke suit made with Huddersfield Textiles fabric.


Flag_of_the_United_KingdomHello guys, today I want to show you in detail my new Sartoria Caracciolo 2 pieces suit made with a Forest Green – Gold Orange and Black window pane fabric in Super 100s fine merino wool, from Huddersfield Textiles.
The jacket: double-breasted 6 buttons with center placket, has a shoulder without batting – in true Neapolitan style – while the armholes with a little bit of Rollino.
2 are the rear of 18 cm from each slit. 2 patch pockets with double stitched and boat breast pocket but with a more pronounced form than usual.
The trousers: presents 2 pleasts per side and center fold quite marked, that falls like a glove on my ankle (but quite disturbed at the top, perhaps for the excessive width of the trousers on the basin).
The tie: 7-folds HandMade in Naples with irish linen from SpaccaNeapolis.

Followed by some detailed photos, see you soon.

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